Automated Calls

Grow Your Business With Our Automated Calls

Enjoy Automated Calls Service with us that allows your organization to become more efficient in that you will not have to manually call each person on your subscription list. 

Features Of Automated Phone Calls

No Setup Costs

There are no associated setup costs, Get your toll-free service installed in minutes and start calling your customers in no time.

Call Recording

Make enlightened decisions with the help of call recordings. This feature can also prove to be of enormous value in your everyday customer handling.

CRM Integration

Integrate your toll-free service with CRM and get a synthesize and comprehensive view of the customer data.

Call Scheduling

Schedule automated calls much ahead of time, at any optimal date and time of the day.

Advantages Of An Automatic Calls

Increased Agent Efficiency

The most tangible benefit of an auto dialler is the huge increase in agent talk time per hour when compared to a non-dialler environment. Auto phone diallers work by making calls in a preset ratio of number of phone lines to agents. The dialler makes calls in volume “behind the scenes” and then connects answered calls to available agents.

Increased productivity with blended campaigns

Most call centres deal with inbound calls only but a large number deal with inbound and outbound calls. The ability to deal with inbound and outbound calls simultaneously is the key to even greater agent productivity, the benefit being that the agent is theoretically always able to talk to a client. With an auto dialler, it is possible to do this by using a “blended’ campaign in which the same team of agents handle outbound calls and inbound calls at the same time.

Keeping Data Fresh

Data is normally uploaded to a dialler manually or by an automatic process, usually a database synchronisation. The data generally needs to be called very quickly, especially when it consists of sales leads. The auto dialler is able to work its way through the data at a very fast pace, ensuring that the leads are kept warm. Furthermore, the dialler automates the process of recycling (calling back) voicemails, busy numbers and calls not answered. The auto dialler ensures that a large percentage of leads are followed up very quickly and professionally in a short space of time, increasing the lead:sale conversion rate substantially.


What are automated phone calls?

Automated phone calls broadcast a message to a large group of people, without having to dial each number individually, and can be scheduled as per your wish.

How to make an automated phone call?

To start an automated phone call, record your message, schedule the date and time, select the target group from your contacts you want the message to reach- and that’s it!

What infrastructure do I need?

Automated calls are purely web-based. Therefore, all you really need is just a computer with a IP connection, and a tech person to do the integration.

How do automated phone calls improve customer service?

Automated calls can help businesses ensure that critical information is conveyed automatically to all customers.

How much do automated phone calls cost?

Automated phone calls are charged based on your volumes and usage. To get detailed commercials, please contact our team.