Voice API

Build fast, reliable, and secure voice applications for your business with our powerful programmable voice API to connect, manage, & route calls across any devices to get unlimited audio calling .Is it time for your business to implement the highest quality of technology support with web green Solutions we have great team to managed all projects.

Features In Voice Call API

Call & SMS campaigns

Bulk calling & SMSes with dynamic or static content.

Click To Call

Enable calling from within your website or app.

Passwordless Authentication

Authenticate users via missed calls using our patented product and OTP.

Virtual Number Allocation

Buy, fetch, and remove/assign virtual numbers to call flows dynamically

Cost-Effective Number Mapping

Use a limited pool of virtual numbers to manage customer conversations and save cost.

Monitoring Virtual Number Uptimes

Monitor the health of your Exophones and receive real-time alerts if the number goes down.Enable calling from within your website or app.

What is voice API?

A voice API is a programming interface that allows businesses to integrate voice calling with any application or website. In the background, it connects the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and online applications. This means that using voice APIs, you can control calls with software, create customised call flows, and more.

For instance, you can connect voice calling to your CRM and directly make outgoing calls from the CRM software using voice API.

How does voice API work?

Web Green Solution’s RESTful APIs connect the cloud telephony solution to your software. You can integrate API to your software — see our docs for more information. You can also use our Applets to build your custom workflow using an easy app builder interface

Are voice APIs secure?

Absolutely. Green Web Solutions REST APIs are served over HTTPS and HTTP, but we recommend the former for additional security. Each API request will contain request headers that include your access token to authenticate the request. HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication, with your API key as the username and your API token as the password.

Why should we use Voice SMS Service for our business?

Due to lower cost & higher distribution quality, our Voice SMS modalities leads to a strong return on investment. Since, voice SMS is retrieved by the vast number of phone subscribers, it offers an ability to expand your audience. Our Voice SMS service provides you different ways to connect and engage with the people from which they can access your service. Voice SMS service also plays a major role in growing your buisness reach beyond each form of mobile devices.

There are several other reasons to choose Voice SMS service for your business :

  • Compared to text message, voice SMS carries more feelings, indicating a more intimate means of communicating and contact.
  • You can very easily communicate with all sorts of people with Voice SMS service, including those who are unable to read & write
  •  If you have a large user database or marketing list of potential customers, make hundreds or thousands of Voice SMS at the same time.
  •  It is a highly inexpensive publicity tool. Even with a low budget, you can start advertising for you voice SMS on our portal
Can I receive incoming calls using voice API?

Yes,  cloud telephony is connected to your contact centre management system using the voice API, you can also receive calls right from within the app/website.