Bulk Voice Calls

Grow Your Business With Our Bulk Voice Calls

We Provide Bulk Voice Calls Service in Worldwide . Instant Activation, Reliable Service to interact With Target Clients With Voice Broadcasting.

Benefits Of Bulk Which Helps Your Business Growth

Unify customer information

Integrate your voice calls with your CRM/Helpdesk to create one unified source for all customer information

No more boundaries

Now We are Availalble in Worldwide you can take our service in any Corner of World.

Supercharge your business

Integrate voice into your product, app or website easily with our APIs to make communication simple.

Best customer experience

With Green Web Solution, your customers will get the best voice quality and the lowest latency.

Built for scale

IThink big. Act big. Don’t restrict yourself and scale without a worry.

Connect with people anywhere

Build call flows that connect people on the move, anywhere and across devices

Features In Bulk Voice Call

On extension Whatsapp

Send whatsapp alerts and notifications to your agents in case of any missed or unanswered customer calls.

On extension lead

Outreach a large number of potential customers in one-go by instantly broadcasting your message to a wide audience

Text to Speech

The AI systems are fully automated and can effortlessly convert the text you input, into speech to convey messages through voice calls.

On Answered SMS

Notify your agents upon answered customer calls with cloudshope technology.

Wait For Voice

The AI system waits for the customer’s voice and then delivers the message.

On extension SMS

Send SMS alerts and notifications to your agents in case of any missed or unanswered customer calls.

Type of Voice Calls

Outbound IVR (With Realtime Agent Transfer)

Make outbound calls efficiently with one click without the need to manually dial-up the prospect mobile numbers.

Smart Voice Call

Reduce call abandonment with smart call queue, quickly connecting customers with available agents.

Extension based Voice Call

This allows businesses to share a few lines among many employees since not everyone will be making external calls at the same time.

How quickly can i send a message to my customers ?

Our advanced systems can send hundreds of thousands of messages out per hour. No matter how demanding your requirements are, we have the capacity to deliver your message on time.

What format of audio file is allowed for broadcasting ?

For Voice Broadcast you can use only .wav Format audio files.

Who Should use Voice Broadcasting?

Any organization or business that needs to communicate with large numbers of customers, employees, or client groups can use voice broadcasting. This could be a private sector business that wants to improve sales or customer relationships or a public sector organization that needs to stay in touch with the users of its services.

How do i choose which customer get my message?

When you sign up,  you get to access an advanced web-based control panel that lets you set up recordings, upload your databases and broadcast your messages to the right people at the right time.

How Bulk Voice Calls Works?

All You need to record your voice and then you can send hundreds of thousands of numbers with just one click. It is an ideal communication tool for lead generation, announcement of events, campaign promotion like social or political election campaign, survey, reminder like voting, premium, etc .