Toll-Free Number

Our Toll-Free Number Services offer you a range of flexible subscription plans.With easy to remember  number series, your enterprise can always be readily accessible to your customers. Our user-friendly interface helps you manage all aspects of call-routing in real-time – enabling you to deliver a higher standard of customer care.

See How Toll-Free Number Help Your Business

We Make it simple for your customers to connect with you and give your business the credibility it deserves.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Number allows a customer to call your company without being charged. Simple and easy to remember. People can easily memorize this number.


Better Brand Presence

A tollfree number gives your business a global presence. This number makes easy for your customers to call you anytime. Expand your reach.

Marketing Campaign

Place your tollfree number in a marketing campaign or advertisement. You can analyze your marketing spends by tracking every call that lands on that number.

Features of TollFree Number

Call Recording

This feature allows you to record incoming calls that you want for future purpose. You can manage & delete these recorded calls anytime.

Text to Speech

One can simply type and convert the text into a voice recording and you are all set to use it.

Call Tracking

Track calls and measure their effectiveness at every point.

Sticky Agent

Call get disconnected while in conversation with an agent? Sticky agent will connect you with the same agent when you redial.

Agent Wise Report

Reporting in Green Web Solutions dashboard is customizable. Custom reporting lets you view any specific agent’s call report. Track the performance.


Webhook helps to fetch the data and perform multiple actions. Integrate webhook into your current workflow.

CRM integration

Integrate your toll free number with the CRM you are already using

Powerful Modules

Announcement, DTMF, Webhook, Call transfer, Ringtone,TTS etc are the powerful modules to create a smart and intelligent system.


What is Toll Free Number?

A toll free number, better known as a 1800 number or toll free no, is a virtual number that saves your money when you dial it. In simpler words, a toll free numbers are the numbers that allows the caller to transfer the charges of the call to the person who is being called.You call Firm X, you don’t get charged. Firm X pays for your call. A toll-free number is always in the form 1800-XYZ-ABCD. When subscribing to a toll free number, keep a look out for ‘1800’.

Are toll free numbers obsolete?

No, toll free numbers are very much in and not obsolete. You may say the traditional toll free numbers aren’t being used but toll free number based on the cloud is widely being used. All transactions are stored and recorded in the cloud. Its advanced features help organizations track and route calls based on the subscriber’s needs, safeguard traffic against long-term service interruptions and reduce overall expenditure on customer support services.

What is the difference between virtual numbers and toll free numbers?

There a thin-line difference between a virtual number and a toll free number. A toll-free number is which is free for the caller as the company pays for the calls made to them. This is not the case for the virtual number. A toll-free number always starts from 1800 whereas a virtual number may not always start with 1800.

How to get a toll free number in India?

All you have to do to buy toll free number in India is give us a toll free call at 9111-9111-00/1800-123456-001 and we’ll take care of the rest!

Do toll free numbers increase business?

Yes, toll free number definitely helps in increasing your business. a toll free number has many benefits and features which will help you increase the sales, customers satisfaction and helps in building trust between the clients and the company. Toll free numbers are used to provide a free call facility for the customers. thus the call the company without any hesitation to clear their doubts and ask for their products and services.